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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back to sewing!!

So last Wednesday I got back from my 5th visit this year, to Ohio to help my Mother unpack from her Last move!! Boxes filled her second bedroom...what can I say, she never throws anything away, and we just keep packing and unpacking for her!! Maybe my sisters and I are the problem!! Anyway, I finished all the unpacking that needed to be done.

I checked my e-mail and low and behold, there was a message from Shawnee!!! Hi Shawnee!! So she asked me if I would "Angel" for someone in our current swap, and you know I can't say no!! Just not in my vocabulary. I did post a picture on the Apronista website, just a peek!! But here I will show what I made!!
I think the apron turned out great!! Definitely one I would like to keep!! The next picture is a quick shot of the other tuck-ins!! I got a little carried away!! You know I have to spoil my new friend!! There is nail polish, Cherry Jelly Bellies,2 mini fry pans in pink and green, a purple spatula, candy buttons and a cat toy! I did buy a dog toy, but I wasn't careful where I put down my shopping bag, and my Boxer Rocco got a hold of the toy and mauled it to death. So sorry Megs...Pink yarn and a circular Knitting needle.

This hat was just so perfect and easy to doctor up to fit in with my colors. Hope my new friend wears hats!!
I am getting ready to wrap everything so I can ship out tomorrow!!