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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I, jennifer robin promise to be more active on this blog!! It has been what seems like forever since I posted anything on this blog. Not that I haven't been working on any project, because I never stop working on projects!! Some of my most recent completed items are:

These three quilts were started and finished this past week.  I only pieced the quilts, not the embroidery. That was done by my friend Joann for two of her Great Grandchildren. She does beautiful work!!

Today I machine embroidered a wall hanging for my dentist/periodontist. He looks like Prince Harry if you can imagine. The wall hanging asks the question: Have you hugged your dentist today?

I am giving it to him in 2 weeks when he finishes up my implants. I will post a picture of it after I buy the frame. Maybe in a couple of days!!

I am finished sewing today, and will soon be off to watch my Grandson Tony play his violin in a duet with a violist in a talent show tonight.  Life is so exciting. Just glad to be alive!!

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