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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back to sewing!!

So last Wednesday I got back from my 5th visit this year, to Ohio to help my Mother unpack from her Last move!! Boxes filled her second bedroom...what can I say, she never throws anything away, and we just keep packing and unpacking for her!! Maybe my sisters and I are the problem!! Anyway, I finished all the unpacking that needed to be done.

I checked my e-mail and low and behold, there was a message from Shawnee!!! Hi Shawnee!! So she asked me if I would "Angel" for someone in our current swap, and you know I can't say no!! Just not in my vocabulary. I did post a picture on the Apronista website, just a peek!! But here I will show what I made!!
I think the apron turned out great!! Definitely one I would like to keep!! The next picture is a quick shot of the other tuck-ins!! I got a little carried away!! You know I have to spoil my new friend!! There is nail polish, Cherry Jelly Bellies,2 mini fry pans in pink and green, a purple spatula, candy buttons and a cat toy! I did buy a dog toy, but I wasn't careful where I put down my shopping bag, and my Boxer Rocco got a hold of the toy and mauled it to death. So sorry Megs...Pink yarn and a circular Knitting needle.

This hat was just so perfect and easy to doctor up to fit in with my colors. Hope my new friend wears hats!!
I am getting ready to wrap everything so I can ship out tomorrow!!


  1. Boxers CANNOT resist a good toy! :)..You are so sweet to angel for her and you are the perfect person! Your apron boxes are the best..I should know!

  2. Hey Becca!!! So nice to hear from you!! You are too too nice!! I just cannot stand someone not getting a package. I also made a purse for Ruth, but didn't get a picture of it. Had better snap a shot before I wrap it all up!!

    Talk to you later!!

  3. What a bright fun apron and all the love you packed in with it!!! You are amazing!

  4. Thanks Karen!! You are pretty amazing yourself!! I will never be able to compete with you my friend!!

  5. What a beautiful apron with all the different layers and fabrics. Very creative!

  6. You ARE one of the sweetest people I know!!