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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I have been weeding my garden since dawn this morning. I have put in about 7 hours and will now call it quits for the day! After a quick bath I will start planning the design for Shawnee's Apron Swap! I have been thinking about it for two days now, and I am pretty sure what it will look like when completed. However, I have to wait now for swap partner info for colors, favorite collections, etc... The waiting is the hardest part for me, anyone else feel the same?

There is a storm brewing from the West. Lots of thunder, and a few drops of rain. This will make for a good sewing session this afternoon!!

I hope this time around I will have a partner assigned to me that loves to sew, and will put in all the time required to make me a beautifully constructed apron.

Until the next post!!!!!!

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  1. Oh gosh I didnt include any of that in the email! hahahah...Let me just say I love it all...Favorite colors are red and pink and I truly though just LOVE it all!!!