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Monday, June 4, 2012

I have finished my apron for Becca!! Yeah Rah!! Actually, I finished it a couple of days ago!! I took pictures of the package this morning, and also took pictures of my gardens out back!! I have been busy weeding...just like all of my fellow gardeners!!
Here is what I originally wanted to make for Becca, but decided in the end to follow all the rules and make the apron look like the Moore apron!!

So here is the apron...What do you think!! She wanted Red and Pink!!

Now if I can find the pictures I took of my yard, I will show you all of my hard work!!

Oops! This is one of the tuck-ins!!

Here we go! Not sure what this plant is called, but I do know it is a Perrenial that grows well in the Calumet Region!!

So am I suppose to cover the hoses with mulch?? Help!!

Hoping these Hostas will survive the deck cleaning that is happening this next week!!

1 comment:

  1. The apron is even prettier in person...since I was "special" and got to see it.

    Jen, you work so hard in your yard...but it shows it...keep it up my BFF.