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Friday, July 27, 2012

Ruth received her package!!!

So Ruth contacted me this morning, and the good news is...She loves her apron and all the goodies I sent her!! Yeah Rah!! I love to hear my swap sisters are happy!! It just makes me so glad. Just keep an eye out, cause I may just pop in for a visit to retreive that hat I sent you...LOL!! I really wanted to keep it!!

So Megs got that cat toy after all!! You know dogs are so smart. Ya just have to love them!! Rocco loves the Turkey that was suppose to go to Megs. Not much left of him at all. Not sure I would know what kind of animal it was, if I hadn't bought it.

Tonight I am going to a play with some friends " Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" Should be very entertaining!! I haven't been out for an evening in a very long time. After the show we are going to Baker's Square for a piece of pie!! Cherry with vanilla ice cream will be my pick!

On another subject...I am going to try my hand at a quilting project to send to the 1st Responders of the Aurora, CO shootings that took place earlier this month. I am not a quilter, but I can give it a try for such a worthy cause. My friend Jean from Washington state has asked all of her quilting friends to reach deep into their hearts and pull out a quilt to send. I am going to have to get the address, and when I do, I will post it!!

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  1. It's nice to see some folks are making and sending off handmade comforts to the people affected by the recent tragedy.