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Friday, August 30, 2013

So I finally got the pictures transferred out of my camera!! Here goes!!

This is the Favorite Things Swap Package that I received from Kat Fuller! It is so me!!

The first picture is showing the pretty paper that Kat used!! Love it! The second picture is my Apron that wants me to go Off to the Circus!! So much fun! The last picture is showing all the extra touches that Kat included in the Swap Package...Popcorn with serving bags, Magnifier glasses with case and strap, an Elephant water bottle and a Book," Water for Elephants"...something I haven't read yet! Very lucky me!!

Thank you so much Kat!! Hope you get a fabulous package too!!


  1. You are so welcome. You work too hard Jen! I suggest you fill that elephant bottle up with wine, lol.

  2. I just might do that Kat!! Let's see, which wine will work for me tonight!! Ha Ha!!

    Kat, you are a real stitch!! Hugs to you!!