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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Just Too Busy!!

Is everyone as busy as me? I just don't have enough hours in the day to finish what I need to get done. I am having a cookie exchange next Wednesday. I have to bake 8 dozen cookies that look like they took forever to make, and enough house work to last until x-mas. I probably won't get any sleep for the next week. I need a maid...

This past Tuesday, Joe and I drove to Milwaukee to babysit Little Joseph!!! Yeah!! Traffic was horrible, but is managed knowing we would soon be holding this little bundle of joy. Joseph is the perfect baby... Eats well and sleeps alot. I could hold him all day...I probably would if he was my son.

This past Monday evening was the Opening of my Christmas Tree display called the "Festival of Lights", for the Lansing Historical Society. 45 students from the Memorial Junior High School Choir sang songs while little visitors sat on Santa's lap. There were 22 trees decorated by volunteers, representing 22 different Countries, local clubs and organizations. I have been blessed during my time as Curator of this Museum with lots of help from voluneers! They are the backbone to my success! Thank you to all of you!!...You know who you are!! Just too many to list!!

Okay, it is time to clean my house. Pick up clutter and get my act together!!

Talk to you all later!!!!!!

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