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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Off to Ohio!!

Well, it has been a very long time since I visited my Blog.. I was sick for about 7 weeks. Very hard to function when you aren't feeling well enough to stand up...

So I am going to Ohio Today to help my Mother move one floor up and into a different wing of the independent living facility that she and my father downsized to. This whole move is very hard for mom because my Father passed away just 3 days after they moved in. That was 3 years ago. Her new 1 bedroom apartment is smaller and not so Hoveround friendly. That is her motorized power chair...I am hoping mom can adjust. She may have to move back to the Chicao area. It would be easier for me, but ultimitely the choice will be hers.

I am missing all the apron swaps I was in. I am afraid however they have run their course, and I will now have to find something different to occupy my time.

I have run out of time to continue my post, so I will talk to you soon...Ciao!!!

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